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Welcome to the informational site of Artminer

Artminer is a global marketplace and escrow service for visual artists and art buyers. We provide artists a platform to sell their artworks directly via Instagram and buyers to easily purchase the art they discover and love.

This site,, is an informational site providing news and help on how to use Artminer ( Here you can also sign-up for the newsletter, strongly recommended, and find links to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Artminer was officially launched 1st of September 2020, after a beta-test phase lasting from June to August. Since we are still taking our first steps, all help and suggestions more than are welcomed from both artists and art buyers. We hope, with the help of the art community, to be able to develop the platform further, according to the needs of both artist as well as art buyers.

The website is at the present time in a phase of frequent updates and changes, so be sure to pop in now and then to check what’s new. The actual market platform is on the contrary stable, fixed, up and running.

Let’s make this a success story for all of us, artists, curators, collectors and art lovers in general!

The Artminer Team


5 easy steps to open an online shop on Artminer

  1. Sign-up for an account here. No setup fees, fair commission.
  2. After approval (usually takes around 72 h) of seller account, upload profile photo and fill in the About Artist section.
  3. Start adding artworks by linking to posts on Instagram. When setting the price, remember to include shipping costs.
  4. Tag your artworks for sale with #artminer_official on Instagram posts.
  5. Share the link to your art shop on Instagram and elsewhere where you want your shop to be found. Your personal shop URL is in the format of, where username equals your Instagram username.

A quick tip for art buyers

When you find some work of art on Instagram that you love and would like to buy and the artists doesn’s have a webshop or any other channel to